New Empire Casino Registration (PC version)


Empire 777 (Empire 777) is a casino site operated by Nugget Projects Inc., with an operating license to Curacao, that provides Internet casinos to play casino games on smartphones and personal computers.
The biggest appeal of the Empire Casino is that you can play a variety of casino games on your smartphone, including not only table games like blackjack and roulette, but also standard slot machines and video slot machines, just like other gaming sites.

There are only two steps to playing a casino game.
1. New registration (Create Casino Account) is performed.
2. Deposit money and play! (“Empire Cash Withdrawal Manual” explains how to deposit and withdraw money.)

This manual describes the 1 “New Registration” method.

Empire Official Page



Click “Register Now”.
Click to display a new registration page similar to the following:.

Empire Account Registration Screen 1

registration screen



Please enter the following information

Email Address: Enter the email address you want to register with the Empire.
Confirm email address: Re-enter email address
Password Enter the password to use when logging in. * Half-width alphanumeric characters only
Confirm Password: Retype the password.
Mobile Number: Enter the contact phone number.
Learn the terms of use check items.

When you have entered all the information, click “opening an account”.

Empire Account Registration Screen 2

personal information entry screen


Enter the following information:.

First Name (Japanese): Enter your first name in Japanese.
Last Name (Japanese): Enter your last name in Japanese.
First Name (Romaji): Enter your first name in Roman characters.
Last Name (Romaji): Enter your last name in Roman characters.
Mobile Number: Enter a phone number you can reach.
Date of Birth: Enter a date of birth.
Learn gender.
Address: Enter an address in or after your state or province.
Zip/Postal Code: Enter.
State: Enter the state.
Country: Select “Japan”.
Currency: Select US dollars.
To receive promotional emails from the Empire, read “I would like to receive the email of Empire 777 campaign (Bonuses and free spin acquisition) to the registered email address.”.

When you have entered all the information, click “account update”.

Home screen after login

Home screen (At login)



When the home screen shown above is displayed, the registration is completed.

Keep your login address and password in a safe place. With this information, you can log in to the Empire Casino!
In order to actually bet money and play, you need to deposit money into your account.
*Refer to “Empire Cash Withdrawal Manual” for details on how to deposit and withdraw money at Empire Casino.



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