How to Register Venus Point


VenusPoint (Venus point) is a new way to withdraw money for online casino EMPIRE 777. A video explains how to register Venus Point ­ ­ until how to deposit and withdraw money from EMPIRE 777.
VenusPoint (Venus point) is a point service that you can use to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. It is calculated as 1 point 1 dollar ­ l, and it is very easy to enter and withdraw money from online casinos. Points can be exchanged easily, so you can withdraw your points to a bank account designated by you by simply applying on the website. Withdrawal limit for 1 day is 20,000 points ($20,000), so it’s very convenient when you want to withdraw a lot! Customers will also receive 2 points back for every 50 ­ 0 points they send to the online casino.
It’s a simple step, so please use Venus Point to withdraw the winning money.


Venus Point’s official site is here.

The Empire 777 site is here.

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