Empire777Casino First Time Deposit Bonus Manual


The Empire casino provides a “first payment bonus” for initial receipts. You can always get this if you follow the right steps, but there are conditions and expiration dates, so don’t waste reading this manual.

What is an online casino bonus?
The online casino “Bonus” is what you get when you deposit money or during a campaign and is added as a bonus balance. “Bonus” can be used to play a game of betting money (real money game). However, on the system, it is treated differently from the casino chips that you actually purchased, and there are various conditions, so please understand it well.

balance of casino chips
Major Bonus Conditions
Even if you receive a bonus, you cannot withdraw money until you clear “bonus terms”.
The criteria for “bonus terms” may differ depending on the game you play (special condition game).
Bonuses have an expiration date.

Bonuses other than the first bonus
There is also a “reloading bonus” where you can receive a bonus if you pay after the first payment. These bonuses are announced on the official website or by email.

Bonus amount received
The Empire Casino offers bonuses up to “$77”.
The Empire Casino First Time Cash bonus will be up to 100% of the amount received up to a maximum of $77.
For example, if you initially deposit $30, a $60 bonus will be added to your balance. If you deposit $200 on the first receipt, a bonus of $50 is added to your balance. This bonus can be used in real money games.

How to get a bonus
After you make the initial deposit to the Empire Casino account, please apply for a bonus via the promotion page “100% Bonus for First Time Receipt”.
*See “Empire Casino Cash Flow Manual” for how to deposit and withdraw money at the Empire.

Bonus Terms Details
1 Clear Condition
You will not be able to withdraw any amount (withdrawal) until the following conditions are met:.
You have to bet 30 times your bonus for a slot game, and 9 times your bonus for a live casino or table game.
Example:If you deposit $50 in a slot game, you will need to bet a bonus of $50 x 30 = $1,500.

It seems difficult to meet the requirements, but actually it is not so.
For example, suppose you bet $10 each time in a game where winning doubles the bet. Let’s say you play 10 times in total, lose 3 times and win 7 times. In short, I lost $30 and won $70, so the result was $40 plus. At this point, you have placed 10 $10 bets, meaning you have already met the $100 bonus requirement.

Note that when you play, the amount you deposit is used first, and the bonus amount is used last.
So, for example, if you deposited $50, you would have a cash balance of $50, an additional bonus balance of $50, and a total balance of $100. If you play $20 and lose, your cash balance will be $30 and your bonus will remain at $50. When you run out of all your cash balance, you play from your bonus balance. If you want to see the details of your bonus balance, you can click the “Entry/Exit” button after logging in and then select “Bonus Information” at the top of the page or click the link below.


You can also contact the support staff at the Empire Casino.
*Refer to “Empire Casino Cash Flow Manual” for how to withdraw money.

2. Disbursement condition count rate
Special Conditions Game [Bonus Withdrawal Terms (Percentage counted)] The percentage of the bet amount that is counted to satisfy the condition varies depending on the game.

the percentage counted as a bet on the type of game
All Classics Lot, Slot Video Slots 100%
Table game, live casino 15%
Example)You bet a total of $100 on a blackjack. $15 is deducted from the remaining bet amount in the withdrawal terms.

3 Expiration date
Some bonuses have an expiration date. If you don’t use the bonus money as a whole, your bonus may be seized or confiscated after a month.
Also, please be aware that if you deposit money in the middle of a bonus game, it will be used preferentially from real money.


Make sure you understand the first time deposit bonus and use the Empire Casino bonus effectively.

At Empire Casino, there are various bonuses other than the first deposit bonus, so please check the official website and email frequently. Make good use of your bonus and have fun!

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